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Herm Groman’s forte is reading people; he can spot a bad guy in a heartbeat.  He sees things the average person misses, a result of his years of undercover work in the FBI.  In his debut novel, Pigeon Spring, Groman shows off his unique talents and leads the reader down a road filled with mystery and intrigue.  He melds the glitz of Las Vegas with the beauty of the desert, and then peppers us with colorful characters to spice up the landscape.  He tells a story that will grab you, a little bit at a time, and then completely consume you until you finally reach the end.

John M. Wills, Author, Gripped By Fear
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Praises from Chris Hansen, Dateline NBC Correspondent and Author of “To Catch A Predator”


 “Groman’s debut novel “Pigeon Spring” is a skillful blend of the nonstop action of Las Vegas and the rural ranch life in Nevada’s gold country with a mystical twist.  His background as a veteran FBI Special Agent and Las Vegas casino Security Director gives him a unique and realistic insight into both worlds.  I felt the tension and I laughed out loud a couple of times, but my favorite part was when retired FBI Agent Matt Steel “catches a predator.”  Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down.”

Chris Hansen

Allan Lengel, former reporter for the Detroit News and the Washington Post; currently editor of ticklethewire.com, says:


“In real life, FBI Agent Herman Groman was like a TV action hero, full of life, full of boyish enthusiasm, a fearless crime fighter who took down dirty judges and dirty cops and scary mobsters.  I marveled at his skills as an FBI Agent.  And now, much to my surprise and delight, I’m marveling at his literary skills and ability to take his larger-than-life experiences and his insatiable appetite for history, and weave them all into “Pigeon Spring,” a riveting novel chock full of great dialogue and action.  Very very impressive.  Can’t wait for the next one.”

Allan Lengel


Joe Pistone aka Donnie Brasco, NY Times best-selling author of Donnie Brasco, “My Undercover Life in the mafia:


“Exciting read from a first time author who lived the life.  A must read…a real page turner!”

Joe Pistone


2008 Peabody Award winning investigative reporter and co-host of the nationally broadcast radio talk show, “Coast to Coast AM”, George Knapp:

“In nearly 30 years of covering the law enforcement beat in Las Vegas, I can say without hesitation that Herm Groman is one of the sharpest and most courageous investigators I’ve ever encountered.  He’s the real deal, and it’s too bad the general public will likely never know about the incredible risks he took as both a case agent and undercover operative to put away mobsters, scumbags, and crooked officials all over the country.  Among his fellow federal agents, he is something of a legend.  The same skills that made him such a formidable lawman are clearly reflected in his new book, Pigeon Spring.  He is an astute student of human nature, a keen observer on his surroundings, and has a unique ability to focus on the stuff that really matters.  Nevada is a better place because Herm Groman came here, and this book is a testament to his talent for understanding the big picture.

What was genuinely surprising for me in reading this excellent Nevada adventure is that Special Agent Groman has an actual, verifiable sense of humor.  Anyone who’s ever seen his “death stare” or has read the transcripts from his undercover encounters with killers and other criminals might appreciate my astonishment.”

Lt. Randy Sutton.  Author of “TRUE BLUE” Police Stories by Those Who Have Lived Them,” “A COPS LIFE” and “TRUE BLUE To protect and Serve.” 

Pigeon Spring has something for every reader:  Suspense, history and a great story line.  Groman not only spins a great yarn, but his years of experience as a Special Agent with the FBI brings a gritty authenticity to the book.  A wonderful read.”  

Lt. Randy Sutton, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept.


Wayne Newton says:

“Danke Schoen to Groman.  His novel “Pigeon Spring” really captures the crazy hustle of Las Vegas and the wild pristine beauty of Nevada’s other side…the Sierra Nevada.  He knows his way around a horse too.  I enjoyed it cover to cover.”  

Wayne Newton